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Reunión de Delegados en la Comisión de Historia Postal de la FIP 2012

Commission for Postal History
June 22, 2012

FIP Postal History Commission Meeting
Jakarta, Indonesia 2012, 22 June Exhibition Hall Room 1

The FIP Vice President Mr. Peter McCann conducted the elections after Chairman Kurt Kimmel opened the meeting at 16:10hr and welcomed the 35 delegates and 21 observers.
The roll-call was taken and voting ballot distributed to the delegates.

The following delegates were elected into the new FIP Postal History Bureau:

  • Chairman of the Bureau: Kurt Kimmel (Switzerland)
  • Secretary of the Bureau: Andrew Cheung (Hong Kong)
  • FEPA Bureau member: Per Friis Mortensen (Denmark)
  • FIAF Bureau member: Andres Schlichter (Argentina)
  • FIAP Bureau member: Patrick Flanagan (South Africa)

Two other delegates, Malcolm Groom (Australia) and Dan Walker (USA) were re-appointed as additional Bureau members.
The re-elected Chairman Kurt Kimmel thanked the past-Bureau members Mr. Jan J. Danielski (Canada) and Mrs. Dila Eaton (Paraguay) for their contributions as Bureau member during their term.

The minutes of the last meeting held in Lisbon on 7 October 2010 and the activities report held during 2010 – 2011 were approved unanimously.

Plans for future:

  • Streamline seminar SS1 (Exhibiting seminar) as published on the FIP Postal History website will receive minor adjustments following suggestions from the new Bureau members.
  • Bureau member Dan Walker reported that “Summary Statistics of Postal History Exhibits 2000 to 2010 project” was delayed due to technical problems but will be continued in future.

As there were no further questions from those attending, the meeting was adjourned at 17:15hr. 

Secretary of the FIP Postal History Commission
Andrew Cheung

Yakarta, June 22, 2012

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